Nala Toph

Written Thoughts
2020-11-29 01:01:04 (UTC)

A Woman I Knew...

[WARNING: This entry involves acts of zoophilia, (humans having sex with animals) this is highly illegal in some states and a lower crime in others, if this topic makes you uncomfortable then do not read onward]

This is a story of the past, someone I knew when I was 15, before I even made this diary. I’m going to try and keep close to my promise as she doesn’t want her event to be known. So I will not say her name, go into deep details about her appearance or say how I know her. The details that I will give is this, blue eyes that shine, long black hair and tits that were perfect shape. God I loved her so much. In fact when I was giving those few details I was writing on about her looks but I’m trying to hold my promise. She was around 24 years old when I knew her, so like 26 now... I remember wanting to kill myself because I couldn’t date her. She didn’t reject, because I never asked, I assumed the answer would be no because I’m a minor who is 9 years younger than this adult. So the one thing I really wanted to talk about, and I talked about it quite a bit to friends, she talk to me about her experience sucking on horse cock. She went to her brothers farm (or ranch or whatever) and greeted the horses as usual. They are all very good friends. She even helped put on horse shoes that afternoon and apparently horses really love that, it’s like getting your nails done at a salon for them. She and her brother just gave the horses a good time by cuddling and petting and grooming. They all got spoiled for 10 hours. Two horses were female and one was male, the male kept getting slightly erected throughout the day and they both were just chuckling about it. Once it got dark, her brother decides it’s time for him to hit the hay, he worked hard so he was really tired. While the girl stayed up with the horses a little while longer. Slowly she started to think about how horny this horse is getting and not just in a laughing manner. She petted his belly to kindly “ask for consent” because if a horse didn’t like that than it’s saying no, and if you go father after a no you kinda get your ribs kicked inward and you get a painful death. So it’s not exactly a creature you can get suddenly playful with. The horse made some happy sound I guess and when she reach father down his dick just went *woosh*, like apparently horses will waste no time when it comes to horny time. She was shocked at how quickly it grew in her hand. She was also surprised to know how big horse dicks actually get when fully erected. She took her shirt off and went down on her knees, she licked the cock a few times and sucked on it more. She kept asking herself why is she doing this while it was in her mouth, she was going at it for a while (or at least felt like a while for her) and she started getting tired, that’s when the horse filled her mouth with his semen and she gulped as much as she could as she didn’t want a mess to explain. But it was so much, it spilled on to her chest and soaked down in her pants. She took a few pictures but didn’t share them to anyone. Even I was only allowed to see one and that was the one with her face being an absolute mess. She had the face of regret and at the time of her telling me I wasn’t into beastiality at all. Not yet at least. She choked down as much as she could (again, just to make sure there was no mess to explain) and she cleaned her clothes, took a shower and stayed up all night in bed hating herself for what she did. She wasn’t thinking straight and she took it really hard on herself. Even after she told me that I still wanted to date her, like I barely cared if she was that disgusting. I asked her if she would do it again and she said “I hate myself for this answer, I really do, please believe me when I say that but... I really want to do it again. Even though I know I’ll regret it and hate myself more”. I never got to know if she did it again, I lost all contact with her which really made me cry. I wanted her so bad.

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