London Life
2020-11-28 22:54:43 (UTC)

The GreenWay

Cycled to the warehouse on my folding bike, the quick way along Whitechapel Road, then through the back streets to Bromley by Bow. I worked with two other girls who's names I wasn't sure of, sticking some carpet tiles down. Maybe one of them was from Greenwich. It was really a two-man job, but another girl - the beautiful blonde from last week (Hannah?) was sent to help us, and then another came. We really should get back to doing the names before we start. I sometimes don't like to ask people's names in case I've talked to them before and forgotten. We also put some vinyl flooring down before having a break.

I knew the blonde girl was from Cheshire so I was chatting to her about how she had returned there at the start of the lockdown and didn't miss London because nothing was happening here. She's from Northwich: her voice is a bit drawly.

After this I went with two other girls, to do an inventory of boxes. Again I didn't establish their names. They seemed to know each other and were quite cynical. Finally I met Ivy and the Spanish girl, and we moved crates of cables. I also helped Peter and Ivy move boxes. I walked past Becks and she asked where my Ninja Turtle mask was (the green mask I got in an emergency). I told her I'd seen one on the pavement outside our house which looked suspiciously like it.

I phoned Jack when I finished and he told be to meet him somewhere on the GreenWay. The nearest bit was at a road called Balaam Street, along the A13 and Barking Road. We cycled along a disused railway line to Stratford, then to Hackney Wick where we briefly looked in at Queen's Yard which was very busy, then over the footbridge to Victoria Park and we joined the canal by Old Ford Road.

The canal towpath wasn't too busy, and it helped that, wearing my head torch, people ahead could see I was coming, which seems less rude than ringing my bell. Also, I can move my head to angle the torch to light up the legs of girls with the shortest skirts.

I was getting hungry as I'd only had a samosa for lunch, so we stopped at Islington, sat at the Green and ordered a meal from Wagamama - we also got a couple of half-price items from Itsu who were just closing. We ate the food on the dark in Culpeper Park. Canopy Market was closed and we couldn't get a coffee at Coal Drops Yard so we cycled home. I finished the Top 100 and we had a cuddle on the sofa while listening to The Now Show.