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2020-11-28 13:37:00 (UTC)

Rolando X Maris: August 25, 2019:

Clip Of the Day: Maris gets drunk at the club:
At Night Club: Everyone is dancing and enjoying the hangout:
Maris: (whooping, drinks vodka) Woo! I am fucking drunk!
Rolando: Yes Maris! Drink more!
Maris: I am having fun! (drinks cucumber alcohol drink) Get rid of these hoes done Rolando!
Rolando: (drinks corona xtra lite) Yeah Maris!
Murguia: You like this place Maris? It's fun!
Maris: Yeah Jorge! (drinks more cucumber alcohol drink)
Torres: Let me know if you want more cucumber drink!
Maris: Okay. (drinks less cucumber alcohol drink)
Rolando: What happened to Katie?
Maris: She didn't come! Because she has been busy doing her homework!
Rolando: You should invite her!
Maris: She can't go Rolando! She is too young to drink!
Rolando: Go! And call her!
Maris: (gets my cellphone out in my purse, and calls Katie) Hello?
(Katie: Maristellar, where are you now?)
Maris: Nightclub!
(Katie: You have not too much alcohol drinks!)
Maris: What, Shit! I have more!

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