I don't even know
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2020-11-28 00:14:35 (UTC)

Another Entry

Dear Diary,
It came true. In the last entry, I said I wished that the sky was more blue today. Well it came true later on in the day. It was beautiful honestly. My parents still aren't home, but like, I kinda expected that. they said they would be late, but I didn't expect this late. Maybe they're Black Friday shopping today. Anyways, I really want a new phone. I don't mean like a fast working new Iphone or anything, just like, anything better than what I have right now. My dad told me I couldn't because of a reason that I honestly forgot at this point. I'm pretty hungry right now, and if you're hungry right now, then please go eat. It's not worth it being skinny if you're hurting yourself in the process. Y'know, sometimes I think of what would happen if my parents or family found out I cut or well, used to? It would absolutely break me, if they blamed it all on themselves. The worst part about having an unhealthy mindset to the point where you hurt yourself, is that when your loved ones find out, it would shatter them and would put guilt on them. I mean, it's just how I feel. If it's offensive, I'm sorry. It's like you can say anything on the internet, and you'll be shamed and everything. I just kinda want to be careful on the internet, especially with my diary being public now. Anyways, I gotta go. I might write another entry later, but I'm not sure. So to anyone who reads this, I love you! And please take care of yourself! It's what you deserve.