London Life
2020-11-28 00:06:50 (UTC)

Back To The Office

I ran to the office at lunchtime, at a reasonable pace despite the fact my ankle still doesn’t feel as if it’s supporting me properly and I don‘t think I get the required “push-off” on that foot. I was at the office to pick up all the stuff from my drawer.

The lad at reception had mentioned that my drawer was messy but isn’t everyone’s like that? I found a cuppa soup in there, tin opener, lots of notes and spare envelopes, a bag of stationary, various pieces of plastic cutlery, my spare keys and condoms and a lot of crumbs in the bottom. Being back in the building, I realised how much I missed it, I used to be there four days a week but hadn't been in it since March. It’s a far better place to work than my front room anyway, that’s not what a house is for.

The lad at reception said he’d been about to go home as he didn’t know I was coming, though I suppose I could have found the locker fairly easily on my own. It did occur to me that I could have got the company AGM letters copied while I was there. Half the banks of desks had been taken away and there were screens between them, as well as in front of the kitchen area. The lad took my locker key off me. I don't know what will happen when we go back, then.

The reason I picked today to go in, was because Jack was going to St James’s Park to see his friend, so we could have cycled in together. However, both my bikes were still out of action. The tube I got yesterday, I can’t release the valve, and the folding bike wasn’t ready when I looked in to the repair shop yesterday. So Jack and me both separately went to Stutton Ground, and he sat in the square next to my office.

However I couldn’t get hold of him by phone when I got on the bus to go home. The bus driver stopped ahead of the bus stop, opened his doors only briefly and I didn't have time to get on. He was held up in the traffic so I went and complained by waving my arms about. To my surprise, he let me on so I had to meekly say thanks. It was good to be travelling through London again looking at the girls’ legs and generally seeing what was going on. They’ve cleared about a square km for building HS2 by the railway bridge on the Regent’s Park estate. I met Jack at the bus stop.

After work I got some shopping for quite a posh lady in Bloomsbury. I ran to St Pancras to pick up my repaired folding bike but realised I’d forgotten the locks. I cycled home, fetched my lights and jacket, cycled back and I still hadn’t got the locks. So when we were in Waitrose we folded up the bike and put it in a shopping trolley.

The lady lived in a nice old block of flats near Russell Square. She hadn’t got her shopping list ready when I phoned earlier, but now she had a meticulous list which she talked me through, warning me that if I got the wrong thing they “wouldn’t take it back”.

We got all the stuff she wanted and Jack took my picture with the decorations outside. With the lady’s wine, and six heavy 1.5 litre bottles of still water, the bill came to over £32. I thought she was going to pay me, but she said to claim it back, but the limit is supposed to be £20.

Anyway it was a lot more fun with Jack, rather than going on my own. I usually avoid supermarkets, though we did go to Sainsbury yesterday. I squeezed into a tiny lift to take her shopping up.
Jack wanted to go to the buffet in Pentonville, so we cycled there but it was shut.

We were intending to cycle straight home but the Canopy market was open so we got some samosas. There were no ciabattas left but we got a pad thai and ate it in Coal Drops Yard, near the .
At home I finished the cheese and lentil loaf, and made some enshiladas.

Things are beginning to improve: in two weekends time, I’ve got a race (confirmed today), the 5Kkm coffee trials (announced today) and the possibility of going to football (also announced today). Jack has booked some comedy at the Palace Theatre the week after, but again, I wish I was going there from the office than straight from home.