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2020-11-27 13:38:23 (UTC)

Shopping!!! 😛

So today started off pretty good. Went to my gym session and chatted with the director actually. He is into 4 x4 stuff so I asked him about my situation. Gonna check out a local shop and see what I can see. After class, dropped of my leftovers to my Superstar friend. She met me out front and her little brother poked his head out the door to say hi. We became friends after camping last summer. Anyway, I chuckle in my head because when she came to visit me when I was sick, I looked like zombie apocalypse stand ins. Her? Nope, she is sick and stuff but looks as cute as ever.

So I'm about to check out a place and see how much this lift, wheels, and tires are gonna cost me. Maybe. The I'll be installing my tailgate remote kit so I can remotely lock/unlock my tailgate. It sucks having to do it manually with the key and it got too old so yeah... project for the day. Lots of cables and junk but at the end, I'll be able to unlock/lock my tailgate with my remote. It's a guy thing I guess.

As far as buying anything for black Friday, I didn't get much of anything. I did buy two new colognes from Parfum De Marly. Godolphin and Pegasus. Pegasus has great reviews and Godolphin is more of a new leathery smell so the latter is better for Winter season. hehe. Funny how colognes and perfumes have seasons huh? Who'd have thunk that? Not me. Complete rookie in that dept but dang!!! This niche cologne smells so good. Gets me in the mood. Actually, most anything gets me in the mood so there is that :)

Another good day. Happy happy joy joy.