London Life
2020-11-27 16:57:48 (UTC)

George Padmore, local radical

Thursday 26th November 2020
Didn’t wake until 09:29. Sorted a lot more data I was asked to do this morning, and with Erica’s help finally got those frustrating conversion letters out which gave me time to work on the Top 100. I thought I’d got away with not finishing the three-part development course but they’re now copying the reminders to my boss, to the Head of the larger team and even the Director, so I don’t think I can avoid it.

We got a take-away from Saint Espresso and I picked up a New Journal from the Crowndale Centre, but I had to go back as I’d picked up an edition from three weeks ago. On my return, the out-of-date ones had all vanished. We ate our lunch in Goldington Crescent and went to St Pancras Gardens to see the work they are doing to put an accessible slope in – though the amount of digging suggests they’re doing more than just that.

The new Tier rules starting next week, to replace the lockdown were announced today, and to our relief London was put in Tier 2 rather than Tier 3, so we can eat inside cafes and go to cinemas and comedy clubs, and the volunteering socialising should increase again. We've has got the lowest number of cases of all 32 London boroughs. Many areas such as Manchester, Lancashire, Bristol, the North East, most of the West Midlands and nearly all of Yorkshire are in Tier 3. Henry, from the Dublin Castle music venue near us, was on BBC London talking about it.

We attended a Zoom meeting of Somers Town History Club, a talk about George Padmore, a local resident in the 1920s and 1930s and a member of the Communist Party who campaigned against British imperialism in Africa and compared it to European fascism. Another to add to our area’s radical history. Jack thought the girl giving the talk was poor, because she needed to be asked questions by the host to keep her on track, though that’s what Melvyn Bragg does on Radio 4, and I thought the girl was good. Jack reckoned I thought this because I fancied her, his little joke which he uses quite often.

We went to Sainsbury for the first time for ages. I enjoyed seeing a fishnet-tights micro-mini skirted customer without an inch of fat on her legs. I made mushroom risotto and started on a cheese and lentil loaf. We also got ingredients for two other meals. Sometimes I think cooking is as tiring as running, because of the shuffling around to find all the different ingredients.