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2020-11-27 01:09:22 (UTC)

Busy day and Superstar is sick 😢

Yup, my happy go lucky blue eyed blond haired slavic accented superstar friend and her family are sick. Yes, you guessed it. They got it. I had to find out the hard way. Asked her how she's been and she replied with "I have covid. Haha". Haha? Really? That's her attitude after catching it? So the entire family is quarantined. She tells me the family are all fine. A few little symptoms but nothing like what the media is portraying. They are just mandated to stay home for awhile.

I asked if she ate breakfast yet and when she said no, I told her I'm coming over to drop off some food. Asked how many are at home and so I grabbed a few things from my house. OJ, home made Hawaiian mac salad, macaroons, and then I ordered breakfast burritos from this store where their buritto is da bomb!! 1/2 of it is enough to fill you up and I got one for each family member. Anyway, I got there and Superstar was so nice and was so thankful. She asked how my healing is going and if I'm feeling better from surgery. Mind blown!! Here she is, with Covid and she is asking me how I am? I told her the Russian candy she brought over when I was on the mend really help lift my spirits and felt so much better after she visited. Candy and good friends have that kind of effect on me. hehe. When I was down and out, she visited me 4 times. She also said that she wants to visit me more after this to help me heal more with her candy. But after she recovers. Told her not to anymore because that "healing food" caused me to have to work it off at the gym and it was hard to do. haha. We both are just saying this in jest of course. But what a heartwarming person she is. Sick with Covid and she is still concerned about my healing and health? I had some humble pie listening to her. She is rare and she will forever be my friend.

After I dropped off the food, she texted me a bunch and thanked me and thanked me and thanked me some more. She was so happy and grateful when all I did was drop off some food. hehe. Not a big thing but she showed so much appreciation. She forgot that she came over 4 times when I was in recovery. Hope she and her family gets well soon. I talk about good people a lot and these people are good people. Not just good people but the cream de la cream of good people. I only met and know Superstar, her Sister, and younger brother but oh my Goodness, their aura is just beaming outward with goodness in them. That's the kind of people they are.

Anyway, after I dropped off the food, I had to prep my food for tonight's Thanksgiving dinner with friends. It was cold outside so the ham I was smoking outside took 5 hrs instead of 4 to smoke. Got to my friend's place. Shanti is her name. Looks like she lost some weight too (my perv radar could clearly see this). There were a few no-shows so we had enough food for 4 times the amount of people there. My smoked ham was once again loved by all. I guess because ham can be eaten almost anytime breakfast, lunch or dinner. We chatted after dinner and played some poker. Texas holdem. I usually take 2nd at worse but tonight the card gods were in my favor and I won. Still can't quit my day job though. Finally at 11:40PM ( an hour and forty minutes after our Statewide curfew) we decided it was time to go home. I smoked a big ham so I asked superstar if she wanted the leftovers and she said if I didn't want it then sure. So I told her tomorrow after gym class, I'll be near her place and I'll drop the ham off along with 1/2 a pumpkin pie.

I told the gang that our gym will be having a free day on Saturday to bring friends and family. Shanti said ok but she wanted to go to an early session. You kidding me? I barely make it to the last scheduled morning session. I'm not the best as far as being a morning type of guy so no, not gonna hit the gym at 7AM. So no date with Shanti. Overall a good day except of course for my sick friends but at least they are as good as can be for being diagnosed with Covid.

Happy Friday all and a Happy belated Thanksgiving

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