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2020-11-26 22:50:00 (UTC)

Paolo X Kimberly Part 1:

My Girl TV Series
10/07/2013: The Mean And Kimberly:
Mean Girl: Hey! Wake up! You don't go here!
Young Kimberly: Let go off me!
Antonia T: Hey! What's going on with my daughter?
Mean Girl Mother: She is the only stolen Kim's test paper.
Young Paolo: Don't steal Kimberly test paper, She's the only friend of mine.
Antonia T: You know what just get away from Kim.
(Mean Girl and her mom exits)
(Kimberly llorar)
Antonia T: Kimberly, I am so sorry about what you did earlier. Let's go home for now.
Young Kimberly: (carries you)
Antonia T: (gets Kimberly's Rolling backpack, and heads out in the car)
10/08/2013: Whatever, Loser:
Young Shelby: Kimberly, I got 90!
Young Kimberly: Wow Shelby, you are doing great at English!
Young Shelby: Thank you Kimberly! (hugs)
Young Minelli: I am so impressed of you Kim!
Young Kimberly: Thank you so much!
Mean Girl Best Friend: Hey, there's Kim with the girls.
Young Alexandra: (ignores the Mean girls) Leave them alone okay.
Young Kimberly: I know.
Young Amber: Umm Hi Girls, I'm Amber!
Young Minelli: Hi!
Young Alex: Hi!
Young Shelby: Hi!
Young Bryana: Hi!
Young Mariana: Hi!
Young Sabrina: Hi!
Young Sarah: Hi!
10/10/2013: First day Of Middle School:
Amber: Kim. Honestly you obsessed with Paolo alot, but I haven't crush on him.
Kimberly: Yeah Amber, you are right.
Paolo: Kim.
(Kimberly bumps into you)
Paolo: I'll pick it up! (picks up your stuff) Kim. What happened to your hair?
Kimberly: Umm the mean girl got stuck into my gum in elementary school.
Shelby: Kimberly Alexandra T, Welcome to my crew!
Kimberly: Well thanks! (sits next to you and Alex)
Bryana: Kimberly, First day of Middle school!
Kimberly: Thanks!
10-18-2013: 5 Seconds of Hug:
(Paolo and Kim are hugging each other)
Amber: So, who's Paolo?
Bryana: Paolo Andre?
10-31-2013: Kimberly, Gabby D and Paolo:
Gabby D: Everything's set up for the Halloween decorations?
Kimberly: Yeah I know. I was wearing the blue jeans, and I think it was dark with bunch of tights on the top.
Gabby D: Yeah Just get rid of your decorations!
ASB Member: Okay everyone, separate the pumpkins, and Kimberly, you need the garlands too.
Kimberly: Okay. (gets the garlands out)
(Paolo enters)
Paolo: Kim.
Kimberly: (falls down) Ugh! This is ruined!
Paolo: I know it's funny Kim.
Kimberly: Great Paolo! I need my space!
Carlos Adrian: Dude, she was doing her Halloween setup for the kids.
Paolo: Adrian Shh!
Amber: Umm Gabby, I think I found the Ribbon.
Gabby D: Thanks Amber, appreciate it

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