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2020-11-26 22:12:00 (UTC)

My Girl: Kimberly T Best Scenes:

October 7, 2013: #MGPilot:

October 8, 2013: #MGTrueFriends:

October 9, 2013: #MGTheSickJob:

October 10, 2013: #MGFirstMeet:
Amber: Kim. Honestly you obsessed with Paolo alot, but I haven't crush on him.
Kimberly: Yeah Amber, you are right.
Paolo: Kim.
(Kimberly bumps into Paolo)
Paolo: I'll pick it up! (picks up your stuff) Kim. What happened to your hair?
Kimberly: Umm the mean girl got stuck into my gum in elementary school.
Shelby: Kimberly Alexandra T, Welcome to my crew!
Kimberly: Well thanks! (sits next to you and Alex)
Bryana: Kimberly, First day of Middle school!
Kimberly: Thanks!
October 11, 2013: #MGCelebrityOfTheWeek:
Amber: Guys, stop recording to my friend please?!
Katie: Oh come on Amber, get rid of your friend.
Amber: (gets my whistle in my bag, blows the whistle)
(all 8th graders are stop recording to their phones, and they ran away)
Kimberly: Sorry about the Celebrity photos online.
Amber: What sorry?
October 14, 2013: #MGWho'sThatGirl:

October 15, 2013: #MGSickOfLove:

October 16, 2013: #MGPhysicalKimberly:

October 17, 2013: #MGFallFromApart:
(Gian Carlo kicking Kim's Back)
Mariana H: Gian!
(Gian Carlo stoods run away)
Amber: Kim!! (gets my ice pack from the nurse's office, and puts ice pack in Kim's back) Gian Carlo is so stupid for you!
Kim: I know.
Mariana H: Amber, is she okay?
Amber: Yeah, Gian Carlo has the kick ass in!
October 18, 2013: #MG5SecondsOfHug:
(Paolo and Kim are hugging each other)
Amber: So, who's Paolo?
Bryana: Paolo Andre? Umm I don't know Amber, thanks for asking.
Amber: So, Paolo has my sister right now?
Bryana: Umm they're friends and crush. But sometimes they will needed for the latest love interest in middle school.
October 21, 2013: #MGBurdenBreakingFree:

October 22, 2013: #MGBloodyKimberly:

October 23, 2013: #MGWrongSocksDayKim:
Ashley: Kim, what are you wearing?
Kim: Thursday socks! (shows my Thursday socks at everyone)
Amber: Lou?
Lou: Yes Amber?
Amber: Why is Kim wearing the wrong socks?
Lou: Good question Amber!
October 24, 2013: #MGSoftball2013Game:

October 25, 2013: #MGFoulParty:
Amber: I don't where is Kim?
Katie: She's dancing right now.
Amber: What, Katie! Umm guys, I have to get my sister.
Lourdes: Amber, where are you going?
Amber: I have to see my sister dancing!
Campus Security 1: Amber, wanna go to the pavilion?
Amber: Sure! (gets inside the pavilion)
Katie: Amber!!!! We just gonna rid of Kim's Dancing!
Morgan: I know right! She is! Kim, your dance off is over!
(Part 2)