Yours Truely
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2020-11-26 13:22:00 (UTC)


Do you ever have someone who satisfy you, and who you love, but you just want more? My boyfriend is one of the best I've had, sexually, romantically, and overall has a good life set. I've had a ''fuck buddy" on the side for a while now, we met at a bar and ended up hooking up that night. He convinced me to be "friends" and to not tell my boyfriend. He's more experienced and knows how to make me feel good. My boyfriend wouldn't like it but he won't find out.

Do I feel guilty? no.

But the complications comes in when he wanted to see me more often, but not to just fuck. He wanted me for himself. The exact thing i didn't want to happen, him falling in love with me. What a fool he is and a fool i was. Were still just fuck buddies, but the teasing and nudging about his feelings must hurt. Perhaps I went too far with him.