Beauty in Darkness
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2020-11-26 18:40:44 (UTC)

I get it now

I've been told several times throughout my life that I'm an intense person.
I mean I don't see myself as 'intense' the way other people do. I never understood what they meant.

I work with this guy, a journalist. His personality is very similar to mine. We're not close, but we understand each other because of this, which kind of makes us outsiders.

Today was his first day back at the office after a work trip. I went to the copy room and there he was. We briefly made eye contact and it was like being energetically hit by a bus, but not in a bad way. Just intense.

Now I can understand how if you didn't know me, or if you weren't familiar with that type of feeling how apprehensive it might make someone feel.
It also explains why when people approach me at work, it's always cautiously,which I'd never understood until now. It's no wonder most people are afraid to approach me if they don't know me.

I had to meet someone who reflected a similar personality to mine to understand this.

So there's that.