Ghost Writer
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2020-11-26 19:59:27 (UTC)

Summer It Is.

This used to be my favourite Season. I still love Summertime until the heat drives in full blast. And the thick, stifling humidity chokes me. It's a tropical Season, Summertime in New Zealand now. Even sauna~like proportions.
What once was dry heat that was easily contained by moving under the shade of a tree, now requires air conditioning daily, and living inside out of the sun's harm.
This year, I'm buying a shitload of sunscreen products and I'm going to push myself to live under the sun more. As long as I don't get sunburnt I'll be fine. This year, I will enjoy Summertime. This year, I will have a happy Summer. This year I will fall in love with Summer all over again.
If I can withstand the fiery flames of Summer, I can withstand anything...

...and who's to know? We may experience a milder Summer. In life, there are no guarantees. Uncertainty is a regular given, and I am not God. We just may have a pleasant weather Summer.

I hope and pray that my internal Season will be far more pleasant than previous times. I give Summer permission to heal me.