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2020-11-26 17:15:02 (UTC)

keep cards safe

i recently had my debit card information stolen and it was a bad thing and i hope my story helps others out there.
it is not a good idea to use a debit card online for any reason, i use to use it all the time on many sites, and it cost me $130 that the bank tried to check into and investigate but they had to tell me that it was me who made those transactions that were made to a PlayStation website, it is hard to prove when someone steals your card and i have never bought any thing related to PlayStation in my life, i have never even owned a PlayStation. it is sad to see that others out there in life are out to get people who steal personal info and i feel that maybe i learned my lesson the hard way and maybe i just was not too smart in the first place, but please everyone do not use a debit card from the bank to buy anything online
it is upsetting this did happen to me and i feel really depressed over it and i wish i never did happen.
i feel that i need to be more careful we all need to be careful, maybe i should of used a prepaid card for online shopping, and it is upsetting me a lot and i hate that there are evil people out there online who are waiting for our personal info that we give to sites.
i may never get that money back and it is a shame that i am so much money, and i being disabled i feel i can not lose one cent of the money i get each month, i need all the money i can get but this also goes back to what i feel is my bad luck and things do not go my way at all.