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2020-11-26 13:02:00 (UTC)

Rolando x Maris Episode: October 22, 2018:


1) Fawn shows Maristellar's right eye for the mosquito:
At Maristellar House: Bedroom: Maris Bedroom: Maris is sleeping:
(alarm clock beeps)
Maris: (turns off the alarm clock, gets up, and gets my compact mirror and sees my right eye for the mosquito, screaming)
(Katie enters in Maris bedroom)
Katie: Maris! Maris! What happened?!
Maris: My right eye hurt!
Katie: Mom?!
Fawn: Yes Katherine?
Katie: Maris has the right eye hurt!
Fawn: Please do not touch your eye! It really hurts! Now get some grooming and go to school!
2) Maris saws the poster of Esteban's birthday party about slapfight:
At Main Hallway:
Murguia: Maristellar?! How was Esteban's?
Maristellar: They sucked me!
Katie: (opens my bag, and gives the Poster from you) See this Jorge! I think it was from Kim's Entry in house yesterday for telling her lies.
3) Rolando just sawed Maris right eye for last night:

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