I don't even know
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2020-11-26 03:02:57 (UTC)

Proper Introduction I Guess

Dear Diary,
I figured since I made this diary public, I should properly introduce myself. I mean, there really isn't much. I'm a 12 almost 13 year old pansexual girl, who has problems. My name isn't really Amethyst, for privacy reasons. Y'know, I was pretty hesitant putting this diary out for people to see. Not because I was worried about myself, but for other people. I was worried I'd hurt them. But I've gotten a really nice message, telling me I'm worth it. It was....comforting. In a good way. I'm really glad I got to see that message. Anyways, it's almost Thanksgiving. I don't know what I wanna do, but I just hope it's a good day tomorrow.