Carrie notes
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2020-11-26 01:25:11 (UTC)

My Give A Dam Has Left The Building

The air turned black all around me:
1. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I have to go spend it with my aunt who of all things used to be my payee. You would think with covid-19 she would just skip the holidays but not ms Carol Weaver.
2. Just last week I filed a police report on one Don Paradis because he wouldn't leave me alone.
3 . We had 2 out brakes of covid-19 in our apartment complex because people refuse to wear a mask or stay corantianed when they know they have the virus.
People this is just petty when assholes who just don't give a fuck expect those of us who do to cover their ass.
Don Paridas just wanted a peace of ass and thought it was going to be me to put out. Sorry died go find some other bitch to be your whore, because I'm not it.
As for going to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving I will live through that. Unreality there are worse things I could do .
As for my nieghbor's well they are all selfish pricks. As long as I continue to wear my mask it doesn't matter what those assholes do.