London Life
2020-11-25 23:46:08 (UTC)

Family Fortunes, ITV News and various music

We had a presentation to do this morning, to display the work our team does in a light-hearted way. I had to do a ‘Family Fortunes’ style quiz show format. I had the theme music from the programme cued up, and put on a quiz-show host voice, but no-one on the call could hear me. Christina recommended I watch back episodes of Call Of Duty but I told her I rarely watch television drama.

I was finally getting some much-delayed conversion letters out, when I spotted what looked like an error so phoned the solicitors to check, as it was something they’d got wrong before. I was right.

For lunch, after Jack met his friend, we got a katsu curry from the
market and ate it at the brickwork by the canal, and bought some coffee from the man with a stall there, which Jack never likes. I think this is because it tastes like coffee, rather than flavoured milk. In the afternoon, instead of the usual new releases, I put on some random punk and glam tracks that came to mind - Slade, Sparks, Sailor and Cockney Rebel but also the likes of The Arrows, Jet, The Secret and Embryo.

I left work a bit early to pick up my bike but it wasn’t ready, as they promised, but I got a new tube for my main bike. Didn’t feel strong enough for a run so I cooked an Allplants meal then we had a cuddle on the sofa for some time while we listened to the uncompromising No Hype programme on Amazing Radio and looked at the New Journal.

Eventually I went on my run at about 20:50, listening to Yesterday In Parliament as I took a circular route to and from Barnsbury. Got a note that Mumtaz had been on ITV News and I skimmed through the 18:30 bulletin looking for it, and we watched the late London News, but it must have been on the earlier longer London bulletin, which doesn't seem to be available on ITV Hub.

The Chancellor announced a spending review today, cutting aid spending – thus breaking a manifesto promise - and freezing public sector pay again. I cleared out a large number of VHS cassettes from the mid-1990s but made sure to keep any BSB Power Station music clips, as well as my first recording of bottom-revealing circus girls which so thrilled and amazed me as a young teenager, before thong knickers and bikinis were common. There are plenty like this on YouTube channels - as far back as 1975, when it must have felt really brave - but not this particular one which is special to me.