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2020-11-25 15:57:38 (UTC)

Funny situation at the bank 😃

I worked from home today. So that means I can do household chores too. Cleaning the house a bit and forgot that I still have some of Loony-roomies rent money. I tried not spending her money when she was here but I still spent some. However, I did still have $3,500 of it in an envelope. It's nice when you're older and forget stuff like this. It's almost like hitting a little jackpot since you forgot about it already. I don't need to carry that kind of cash around so I went to the bank for lunch.

At the bank, there was a line outside and the security guard limits entry into the bank which is fine. So one person comes out, one person is allowed into the bank. It was slow as heck today. Finally, when I got in, I knew why. There was this old lady at the teller needing a few things done. While in line, can't help but hear the conversation. 1/2 of it wasn't even about any banking transactions. The old lady was talking about who she knew at the bank, knowing the bank manager, this and that and other chit chat. So this lady pretty much cut 1/3 of the tellers down to 2. It was a long time standing. I was in no rush and was observing the area. I started laughing to myself and was smiling to see what was going on. There were people on their lunch break. I saw a construction worker, a painter, and other people waiting. I could see that old lady chatting away and looking at the people in line, I could see their frustration. Yet, no one said a word. It was pretty funny.

Then, there was this old man that made it to one of the remaining two tellers. He all of a sudden started chatting with the teller and talked about thanksgiving, asking what the teller's Thanksgiving plans were and all that other non business stuff. I thought it was even more funny to see that. Now we got two tellers of three stuck talking to the old folks. The old lady actually stopped talking to her teller just so she could hear the old man speaking to his teller. Now I can't see people's facial expressions because we were wearing masks. I was giggling at the situation. I thought the old man and old lady were cute. It's Covid you know and they are lonely I guess and just wanted to talk? Maybe I'd have felt different if I had somewhere to go but I didn't. Today was a mellow day. Anyway, I could see people's eyes rolling, making little grunt sounds because the line slowed down big time.

Finally, I got my turn only because another teller finally opened her window. I deposited loony-roomie's rent money and I was on my merry way. Took me maybe a min or two max at the teller. When I left, the old lady was still with her teller. The old man finished at about the same time I did but he was there for awhile already.

Made a quick trip to Costco. Got a few desserts, candies, and a ham. So I'm all good for tomorrow's dinner. Going to an earlier crossfit class today so I can prep my food. Although that's the plan, I know I'll probably just have some wine just a bit earlier instead.

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