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2020-11-25 19:41:00 (UTC)

Shoutout Friends Thurs Update: 2023-2025:

March 9, 2023: ⬅
Maddie Redona, Samantha Fernandez, Laura S, Rhys Paolo and Kyla C.
May 18, 2023: ⬅
Alexis C, Maddie Redona, Yesi C, Luly P and La La Limon. (Limon supports Brisa)
July 6, 2023: ⬅
Anajimena N, Dhyana C, Maddie Redona, Basti C and Rafael C.
August 10, 2023: ⬅
Lugo, Hanna R, Maddie Redona, Shy C and Gavi Marquez.
September 14, 2023: ⬅
Emilio G, Rolando R, Maddie Redona, Brisa Yassi, Yassi R.
November 16, 2023: ⬅
Brenda G, Mica May, Maddie Redona, Murguia and Riggins.
December 14, 2023: ⬅
Garduno, Rolando, Jhan, Maddie and Savvy E.
January 11, 2024: ⬅
Sal, Maddie R, Pau F, Alexa N and Estefania S.
February 15, 2024: ⬅
Andrea B, Maddie R, Nicole M, Torres and Jazmin B.
March 14, 2024: ⬅
Carla B, Emilio C, Maddie R, Jhan, and Raffy C.
May 16, 2024: ⬅
Celine G, Maddie R, Brisa Yassi, Kaela F and Isaac F. (Isaac F first time in shoutout)
July 18, 2024: ⬅
Cassie G, Alehtse C, Maddie R, Melissa G and Cass Isaac.
August 22, 2024: ⬅
Alyssa S, Santito, Maddie R, Melissa L, and Pau Pau B.
September 19, 2024: ⬅
Tony Sandoval, Maddie R, Jordan A, Lilli A and Joanna A.
October 10, 2024: ⬅
Pau A, Maddie R, Andres A, Dani A and Bianca Q.

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