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2020-11-25 06:08:33 (UTC)

2 steps back

Been a week or so.....
I am still healing from my self harm. It’s worse than I thought. Didn’t realize it was that bad. Will take longer than a month to heal from the doctor said.
Yeah, I ended up at the hospital on Friday. I was passing blood. So went in.
The found enzymes, protein, blood, and other things in my urine. I was doubling over in pain. So on some medications now, and waiting for test results to come back.

I wrapped some Christmas gifts yesterday. Made some stockings to send off to some friends once I fill them.
DD1 asked me not to get him anything, but I already had. Ended up getting a few things for DD3 as well.

My birthday on the 23rd went nice. I had my cake that I have every year. Had a handful of people wish me happy birthday, and only one of my 4 daughters wished me happy birthday......it figures. Sad, but, it is what it is. My punishment I guess. I’m not losing sleep over it, nor beating myself up for it.

I have the Turkey and Ham thawing out. Will start cooking them tonight so they are ready in the mid morning. Doubt my one daughter will show, but, it’s free food, she might.

Other than that, I’m ok. Not great. But will settle for ok right now.

Thanks J for the messages. Brightens my day when I read them. May tomorrow be a beautiful day for you.

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃