My Life
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2020-11-25 05:25:20 (UTC)

Baby adult


I'm in the UK atm... I moved countries this year. We have COVID-19, Astrology, Trump, Dua Lipa, Quarantines, Aliens next year... It's a ride. I'm in front of the laptop at the moment. I live with Tony in London. We've been together for a year already, can you imagine? We are building our relationship every day. To be honest I do like the family life, even though from time to time I get so angry with him. I miss my mom, because I can't go back to Bulgaria at the moment, as the world is "locked". I'm also a support worker in Sutton. I do like my job, even though I never thought I will be doing something like this. I work with people who are diagnosed with Autism. All of our users/clients are very interesting to monitor and building a relationship with them is not an easy task. They are quite sensitive and can sense our mood all the time. I do love the boys. One of them can shave, read, watch videos, work with a tablet, the other one has OCD and he wants everything to be very tidy and positioned properly. The third one is with the least capacity, but no means is he not intelligent in his own way. He is the only one who's 2 to 1, as he is very fast and when you go out in public with him, he's unpredictable.
I also applied to study in a London University. As you can image, I was accepted and now I'm doing my first term. It's very interesting and I'm very happy on how I pick up the information.
And me? Still looking for the purpose of my life. Still trying to astral project. Still trying to understand energy.
I'm feeling well. I love you, Misho, see you in the next one!