Ghost Writer
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2020-11-25 03:27:32 (UTC)

12 Days Of Positivity. (Day 1)

Day One.

◇ The ladies at the local boutique supermarket checkout counters have lovely friendly, relaxed manners when dealing with customers. It's a pleasure to bring groceries to the checkout.
◇The NZ Police have shown a genuine, caring policing concern towards my current living situation.
◇I have authentic and caring support.
◇Most of my lights in my little house still work. 4/7.
◇I have a nice, cosy place to live in.
◇I can't choose my immediate neighbours neither can I change their constant, unwanted behaviours towards myself. I can choose my attitudes towards them from a range of attitudes that don't mimic nor mirror theirs. I choose to work at positive things in the face of adverse conditions and keep myself safe.
◇I am enough as I am. Self~advancement confirms this. It doesn't make me less or more than anyone else, it simply means I am okay.
◇I am human. My cats are animals and their very nature is inherently different from humankind. When my young princess cat catches birds and kills them, she is only doing what is in her nature to do so. I no longer need to suffer because she is doing what a cat does. I can change my suffering into early prevention of death to the next bird, by trying to get it off her sooner rather than later. My selfish human suffering is preventable.
◇I can turn the other cheek and say "NO, THANKYOU" to any further anger invitations.
◇Early recovery is messy, hugely vulnerable and joyous.
◇Bible Church Cafe morning is a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for folk to gather round tables with wonderful barista beverages, delicious food and warm conversations. The laughter and jokes are a greatly needed tonic in my life.
◇My cats are well fed on the money that I budget for them and they keep excellent health now. Good catfood is expensive but vet care is quadruple the expense.
◇God knows a trier. God loves a trier. God knows I'm trying.
◇There is HOPE. Much HOPE. HOPE enough.
◇The Wheels of Life keep turning. I am not an ungrateful, critical spanner thrown into the workings of Life. I choose to be a functional cog. God provides the oil of refinement.