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2020-11-24 22:32:00 (UTC)

Phish stress and laugh

My daughter was filling out college scholarship forms. She had just submitted something that said they would be in contact with her soon. So when her phone rang (and she doesn’t get phone calls often) she immediately thought wow that was quick... but ok. Turns out it was a phishing thing from an overseas people claiming to be the SSI. Crap.

So we call the states attorney general office and leave a message- not really knowing what to do or what office to call. About 30 minutes later we get a call. We tell the guy everything he asks... and then I say, ask him his name... my wife writes it down... I say, ask him where he’s calling from... my wife pauses... and I say ask him to verify the last 4 numbers of his social security number! And I am dying of laughter...

Man, no one I’m this house has my sense of humor... well I thought it was funny...