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2020-11-24 22:24:00 (UTC)

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As Camila: (2021-22):
May 20, 2021: Camila's 21: ⬅
Camila Redona, Sharon M, Rubio Tony, Serrano Gerry and Victor G.
As Margarita: (2022-23):
February 3, 2022: ⬅
Margarita Redona, Karina A, Rolando R, Beltran Pau and Valeri Morales.
April 14, 2022: ⬅
Victor G, Alexa Patricia J, Margarita R, Estefania S and Murguia.
May 19, 2022: ⬅
Karzali F, Marga R, Emilio G, Pamela R and Alexa Rios.
July 7, 2022: ⬅
Farah A, Marga R, Kassie I, Gerry S and Aaron S.
August 18, 2022: ⬅
Yassi R, Marga R, Emi Yale, Lupita S and Celeste Marie.
September 22, 2022: ⬅
Valerie Reyes, Halie H, Marga R, Mariana Moreno and Riggins.
October 27, 2022: ⬅
Brenda G, Geo G, Marga R, Mariana H and Basti G.
December 15, 2022: ⬅
Marga R, Bibi R, 24 24, Ami G and Esteban Go.

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