London Life
2020-11-24 20:48:35 (UTC)

Sexy hip-hop girls

Felt a bit stressed at work trying to get solicitors to approve my letter, the Director to approve an electronic signature etc. while I was not feeling lively. I took my folding bike in at lunchtime to get the brakes mended and we got a tofu curry from Wasabi. Jack out to meet his sister and I ended up playing some old records from my teenage years.

Although I listen to more than a hundred new tracks every week, I never usually look at videos, as they're a distraction from the music. However, when looking for a picture of Stefflon Don for the Top 100, I found a great video for her song 'Move' in which she looks very sexy wearing a thong leotard with loads of cleavage on show. She touches her boobs and gyrates about, and she is moving very provocatively with her bum out, then crouching on the floor with her bum in the air. There are a lot of other bare bottoms being wriggled towards the camera. In another video, 'Senseless Remix' she's wearing an even sexier outfit, over the knee plastic boots and a revealing thong leotard spreading her legs while touching her thighs, looking superb.

This led me to some amazing videos by USA artists such as Megan The Stallion and Nicki Minaj. They are both overweight, but curvy rather than bulgy, and love wearing thongs and showing off huge amounts of cleavage. I know about twerking but there's almost an obsession in their videos with open-legged dancing girls with bare buttocks thrust upwards, and lots of girls feeling other girls' bottoms, usually dressed in shiny over-knee boots. All great to watch.

The best is a Cardi B and Megan The Stallion video 'WAP' (meaning Wet Arse Pussy) which has the two of them lying together licking each other, fondling each others' boobs, opening their legs, feeling themselves, wriggling their bare bums in front of the camera and one caressing the inside of the other's thighs, with many other girls dancing in sex clothes and thongs.

In every video, Megan shows her naked bum and thrusts it out (as well as her boobs), typically in a PVC push-up bra, string knickers or leotard, fishnet or low-denier tights and over knee-boots, often touching herself, and is invariably surrounded by virtually-nude, bottom-thrusting dancers. The video for 'Body' is very erotic.

Nicki Minaj and her dancers are very revealing and incredibly sexy in 'Chun-Li', and 'Anaconda' and there are some good bits in 'Megatron'. I spent most of the evening enjoying these videos and taking numerous screen grabs. Several other very scantily-clad artists have made nice videos e.g. M S Banks, Day Sulan, Ruby Rose. Megan's attitude is summed up by the lyric "That waist, that arse, them titties. If I wasn't me and I would've seen myself, I would have bought me a drink".

Jack came in late, having brought his sister's phone home by accident. I forgot to do Paul's Zoom yoga session. Not that I like Yoga but I could have caught up with some of the girls. The new Oxford vaccine is ready to go to the regulators. It costs £2 a dose, rather than £15 for the German one, and it can be stored in a normal fridge instead of at - 70 degrees.