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2020-11-24 21:49:26 (UTC)

today was good

Today was a good day and im tired right now yet i did a lot, i almost missed an appt today that but i did get there and it all worked out well they had time to squeeze me in and they were happy to see me show up. i had gotten a call from a woman at the place who wanted to know if i was on my way and i just had forgotten my appointment was at 11:30 this morning, i had thought it was an hour later and i arrived to try to talk to someone since i could not get through to anyone on the phone i got there and they told me the person that was ahead of me had gotten there early for his appointment so they got done with him earlier. and i just was very relieved it all turned out well.
so that at first overwhelmed me and made me feel a bit overstimulated. but it all worked out and they made room for me and had time for me so i didn't just go there for no reason. but besides that, i went for my walk on the boardwalk and ran into some people i know and we all said good morning and waved and it is always nice to see these folks each time i am walking too. it makes me feel like people do remember me and do like me which i do need in my life right now.