London Life
2020-11-24 20:44:13 (UTC)

stay-at-home Monday

I had a meeting a work about converting an A4 form into an online data entering tool, but surprisingly there was some push-back. The meeting was at 13:00 so we only just had time to go to Ellie’s and bring our food back.

After a run to Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood after work, I joined a Zoom call with Laura, leading pilates exercises. Unfortunately the chat this week was before the session, rather than afterwards, so I missed it. I was too tired after my run to do all the exercises and instead I joined Jack, listening to Steve Richard’s Rock and Roll Politics online. A lot has happened in the past week, with Johnson’s two top advisers leaving, two big announcements about green investment (far less funding than France and Germany) and “defence” spending (some cyber-security money, but still wasting money on more tanks and nuclear weapons). The Home Secretary broke the Ministerial Code by bullying, but has remained in post. All this during a pandemic and with little attention being given to the vital EU talks.

I went out to do a litter pick, which I’d already registered as having taken place on Saturday. Jack came with me, as he wanted to go to the Co-Op. After doing the litter, I had to pick up a wig I’m going to wear to sex clubs when they return, from Nisa in Chalton Street. The girl there told me they no longer do a click and collect holding service, though I could see they still had some items there. I’ve left it so long to pick it up that my email said it would be held until 22/11/2020 (yesterday) - but she did still have it. They’ve never been very good at storing the stuff anyway, they just threw it in a pile rather than have a system, but their late opening hours made them handier than Argos.