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2020-11-24 19:41:25 (UTC)

Hey you

Hey you ....
I like to talk to people who read my entries. For those who don't really know or perhaps never noticed you can see how many have read the entries in the past 24 hours. Say hi I promise I don't bite and I like to think I am pretty nice So say hi I love that kind of stuff <3
On another note I know I have been posting about my past but my present is just as amazing. I am anxiously awaiting to hear back from a job interview I did and it sounded like I got the job. My Masters will be all done in FEB and I am staying pretty busy. I met a pretty amazing guy. (don't go getting a big head) He makes me smile for the most part and while it is complicated he is slowly becoming something more to me. So yeah I think you are caught up. So say hi you goof Let me know you are reading hell tell me what you are reading and your thoughts I love that too. Follow me and let me know I will follow back I do read others entries too <3