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18 ) A Day In The Life Of A Stud
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2020-11-24 19:14:56 (UTC)

Last Day In the Office Fun 18+

Well it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted and a lot has changed. I’m currently involved with a gorgeous colleague. We’ve been involved for 4 months. Both of us are married and naturally not the happiest. Our relationship started on a business trip to Baltimore in which we drove because of Covid. It started hot and has remained hot. Today is our last day In the office before Thanksgiving so we slipped up to another floor where it is being remodeled. No work going on today. It didn’t take long until her breast were in my mouth her panties in the floor and then my tongue devouring her clit. She loves the way I eat her. Two fingers in her hot wet pussy. One finger in her ass and my tongue all over her clit. We then stand up and she leans over a desk and let me take her from behind. God the tension built fast for her before she exploded with a major cum. Then jumping to her knees and swallowing every drop of my hot spicy load. She was still fairly weak from her orgasm so I held her for a while.

All I can say I happy thanksgiving.