Dumb Eagle

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2020-11-24 19:06:11 (UTC)

My life sucks

Today have been a sad day.
I just finished my high school a few months ago. And now that i'm trying to make my life, i´m having a lot troubles to find a job. The truth is ,that I don't how to do anything, right? I have some knowledege about tecnology, and I have a B1 english level. But I've apply in many jobs. The firts one they told me working at home so they're not hiring employees. The second one answer to me 'No' and the last one told me 'No' too. Now I feel upset, I'm feeling like I will never find a job. But that's not all. it is just the beginning.
My parents are having couple troubles and yes it is none of my business. but it hurts me cause i'm a woman, and when I grow up and get marry I don't want to live situations like that. My father is a fucking asshole and I hate him. But wait wait there's more¡ I don't like myself, my body, my apparience. And these thoughts are killing me slowly.
So that's all for today. No job, no love but a fucking life....