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The Final Game
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2020-11-25 00:52:32 (UTC)

I wish you all the very best..

Puberty for humans is the age when boys start to realize what their dick is used for other than to pee.. okay. Unfortunately its also when dating starts. Google puberty, its all there.

Boys body undergoes changes. Hormones start to take control. Yeaahh. It happens to all. Its biological. They have all these new feelings they can't control and they don't know what to do with it. Porn guids them to a dark path.When they look at you girls they get their first hard on. Then they have access to porn. So obviously next step is sex..but with who you may ask??
Basically anything with a hole. Have you ever walked a dog whose always horny. Kinda have to put him on a leash rite?? Well same for your boyfriend.

All you girls think that your boy is telling you that he loves you, thats his dick and porn hub talking. Just look around and see for yourself the situation. You all living in a one dimension plane. Step out. And see the pattern. All boys need is sex. They will lie to you. Sleep with you and then leave you. Its programming. Its hard wired into their biological clocks. They can't escape it. And girls are too blind to see otherwise.

Its kind of a stupid situation to see that now the dating age starts when puberty hits. The worst possible timing. You can't fucking start dating when puberty hits. Its a big no. Unless both parties are extremely horny then its a win win situation. Its like an orgy. Sleep with someone else daily....go for it!!!! You are now the slave to your hormones..

It's like going into the lions den when he's hungry and then blaming the lion when he starts to eat you.Its a pattern which nobody realizes until after sex when the boy leaves the girl she says to herself...but he loved me. He said he did...rite?