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2020-11-24 17:53:04 (UTC)

Idk honestly

I am sitting here trying to think of a specific topic to write about but my head is just a jumbled mess. These past few weeks I have really started feeling like myself again. Went through a pretty rough few months but now I know it was all worth it. Work was getting better and I started to actually like it again. But now my boss has turned into all the rest. I will admit I've made my mistakes but to have someone making the same mistakes WAYYYY longer and my boss only starts to notice the others when I start doing it? WHERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT? Also, a previous coworker had mentioned her tardiness A YEAR AGO but no he didn't want to hear it then. I thought venting about this would make me feel better but the more I talk about it, the more pissed I am getting. I need a cigarette.