Life of a High Schooler
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2020-11-24 00:00:00 (UTC)

Story Time - Sex Trafficker

Sex traffickers are real people are will actually make you feel loved and cared about. They will ask for nudes and try to get all sexual with you, if you do send anyone nudes(even if you know them in real life or whatever and trust them) NEVER and I mean NEVER show your face. If those nudes go out into the internet and your face is showing you’re screwed. How do I know this? Well I was involved with a investigation for finding a 70 year old sex trafficker. Here’s the story.
Throughout 7th to 8th grade I talked to this dude online. It was an on and off relationship. His name was Elijah Gray, or that’s what he told me. He was a real hottie. He was 6’2”, he was black, had dark brown eyes that almost looked black, he was a football player in his high school in Arkansas, he was a sophomore, his voice was the sexiest voice I had ever heard(Ladies you understand me when I say he had a deep voice that just made you panties soaked with a simple “Hi.”) he was just gorgeous almost to good to be true. Which he was. I had a problem though with his “best friend,” Nick.(Later I found out Nick was one of the boys the 70 year old took) Nick would tell to go and never come back, to stop dating Elijah. I told him I would never do that and he was crazy. He would also tell all that on the same email. I don’t know if it was actually Nick warning me or if it was the old dude saying all that. Anyways, so I got to the point in our relationship where I would send him nudes, but my face was in every single one of them. For a long time Nick stopped talking to me and I would get very few pictures of Elijah. He told me his camera wasn’t working that well and that he and Nick weren’t friends anymore. He told me he wanted to meet up at some point. One day I was walking home from the bus stop and I saw a police car at my house. I walk in and I see a police officer and an investigator. They proceeded to tell me that they found that the person I was “dating” was in fact a 70 year old man who was wanted as one of the top sex traffickers that they’ve had years tried to get. They showed me a Missing Child poster, it was the black boy I thought I was dating with the name Nick and his height and everything. I had emailed Elijah one more time. I told him the police are coming for him and that I hope he rots in Hell. I don’t if Nick is alive or dead but if he is dead I feel like it’s on me.
The reason why I’m telling ya’ll this is because 1. My brother was being a dick and brought it up. 2. I feel like I should bring awareness to be careful who you talk to online, especially the pictures. Never tell anyone where you live or anything that they can track you with.