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2020-11-24 09:50:57 (UTC)

Morning issues ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ˆ

Didn't think of mentioning this since it's a bit personal but I laugh because I've spilled my guts out on this site for a gazillion years now. Been going to gym sessions 6 times a week for two weeks now. So far, I've been trying to gauge my comeback by the pain, endurance, weights I can lift, and my my-zone stats. Forgot about one unmentionable. My morning issue with the bathroom going #1. hehe. Well, it's been back and I know I wake up smiling most mornings because I get to start another day to do good, improve, and even a chance to muck it up you know? Glad that I've been given that chance to do it. Well, I forgot about the other thing. So when I want to get up and go #1, I first sit up on the edge of the bed and notice that I gotta calm down just a bit first so I wait. Again, I laugh at myself because this is so funny and so stupid. Then I have stupid thoughts like how it'd look jump roping naked with my issue. I even have mirrors on both ends of the ex pool room so I'd get to see. But nope, didn't do it because I wouldn't be able to stop laughing at myself. So instead, I sit on the bed leaning against the headboard typing with the laptop on my lap but just a little bit forward to let my guy relax a bit.

Regarding my truck, I thought I'd have to have a lift kit because most of the wheels aka:rims that I like are bigger and wider so I'd almost have to do a lift. A lift kit could become a black hole and I'd have to spend more and more to maintain so... I won't. I actually found wheels that are almost the same size as stock so that means I may not have to lift it. It's the design and color (red and black) that I think would go great with my truck. So I am going to go that route if possible. Waiting for the company that is selling it to give me a call to make sure I selected the right size for my truck.

That in turn will leave me with a little something-something so that I can buy my extra kayak. Maybe. Which leads me to wander off and talk about Shanti. I believe I asked her out once a long time ago after she broke up with her dude. Or so I thought and she told me she was with what's his name. So I said ok. Later, when she was broken up for sure maybe six months later, I asked her to go do something with me. She said it sounded like a date so she didn't want to because I guess we became just friends. Fast forward another six months and I get a text from her asking me to go out with her. WTH!!!?? Really?! Pffft!! I gave a lame answer like maybe but I'm busy at work this week. She is off this week. She is also hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday with the gang. I will attend that but otherwise, nah, not interested anymore. Seems like she is too wishy-washy in the romance dept. She is cute though I can say that.

She's the one that had to quit crossfit because her knee is messed up. To bad. She's only 40 too. She says she don't know how I can keep going to my crossfit classes almost daily. I know why. It's because it's fun for me. I said this before but an hr is like 10 min has just gone by. When it gets to the point of 10 min feeling like an hr, then that is the time for me to quit the gym. Today is not that day....hehe. Stolen quote from Lord of the Rings :)

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