(almost) Daily Blather
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2020-11-24 10:53:21 (UTC)

So much for follow thru

Well, I guess I am not the most reliable at posting on here. The night before last I said I was going to write a bit yesterday while at work. Didn't happen. I actually have a decent excuse this time....I was actually busy at work., unlike right now. I was busy enough until just a bit ago, so I am not stressing over it.
Not like there is a whole lot to write about, but I have stated that I just need to write. Write about anything. Write about nothing. Just write. I called my aunt on Sunday to see how things are going. She had told me, via a group text, that my uncle had caught Covid-19. She said he only showed a cough, but, no fever. Thank goodness for that. She said that she, so far, has tested negative. Hopefully it stays that way. She also made mention that here lifelong best friend was Covid free but that her husband had it and was in the hospital with double pneumonia. But that he was doing better. I was glad to hear that.
During the call aunt said that she was still doing well, although still hurting from getting a knee replacement, and that uncle was still improving. He was well enough to go a ways down on his property and do some deer hunting. She said re got a bit winded walking back. Not a surprise, pushing 80yrs old and having Covid-19.
On a different topic, a few weeks ago I have my firs root canal. Not as bad as I was imagining. Today I get the crown for that tooth. This will be my first crown. Will people have to call me Sire now (because of wearing a crown. LoL)
Okay, with that Dad joke getting out, I think I had written enough for now.