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2020-11-24 09:41:00 (UTC)

I created a website

I created a website
It's a safe space for anyone with a mental disorder (not just bipolar disorder) that wants to be surrounded by positive, like minded, non-judgmental people. You can join groups for your disorder, chat with other members, ask questions and get answers from people going through similar things as you, post stories in the forum, or just sit back and read. You can be anonymous or reveal your identity, it's all up to you. I created the site because I don't know anyone with bipolar disorder and wanted to meet others who understood what I am going through. Facebook groups were filled with people who were pissed off at the world, blamed others for their actions, dismissed people, trying to one-up people, etc. At Suddenly Bipolar, we ban people for that. We are all going through something and no matter how big or small, you deserve to talk about it without fearing words like "yeah but I am going through something so much worse" "other people are going through harder challenges than that", etc. So if you're looking for a safe haven, come join the site. I keep it real and I'm dedicated to making sure others do too.
Much love, Shelby W.