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2020-11-21 02:52:21 (UTC)

Holidays coming up...

As I wrote in my book today it got me thinking how many people have gone through my life living some kind of expirience or learning lesson that I still tresure dearly, since childhood I've been very fortunate to have people wiser than me, telling me or helping me out in a dificult situation, I have nothing but gratitude for those people, and am so trankful that they where there in that moment of my life to lift me up, show me the way or encourage me to not give up, it has been a little hard not having my oldest son here at home, but it has also been a thrill seeing him grow, yesterday he had venison for dinner and he loved it. He also learned how to walk on the stilts and learned very quickly, of corse as a mother I almost fainted seeing him on those tall stilts, but also felt proud of him for trying.
On another note live seems to be moving a little more on a faster than other days, today we put up the xmas lights and maybe tomarrow all put up the tree, even though I'm not in the xmas spirit as I usualy am other year, I have to remember I have a doughter who is very excited about the holidays, so I can't spoil that for her. I'll I feel like doing is writting, and not have to worry about house chores. But life goes on with or with out our responsibilities taken care of.

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