London Life
2020-11-23 17:56:11 (UTC)

Girls and Gardening

Sunday 22nd November 2020
After a morning cuddle, we walked along the canal to Victoria Park, stopping for a coffee at City Basin, because the man at the Islington Green stall said his coffee machine wasn’t working. We got to the Glasshouse just in time. Sam arrived, then Aidan and Beth, then Alex, and we saw Becky the T/H regular with a newish girl called Emma, then Sree turned up. I told her I was national top volunteerer for the month by numbers, which Alex put it in the report. We saw Becky and Emma running back later, and also Sree who was wondering about Christmas drinks. In the summer you could sit in the park with up to 30 people, but that’s unlikely to be allowed when this lockdown finishes, and it’s colder now anyway.

I was planting daffodils with Jack, which rather negated the opportunity to talk to a “gang” of people at these tasks, which is my motivation for volunteering, in these times when I don’t talk to anyone else in person. We finished planting the daffodils where we started last week, and he kept disagreeing with me about where we’d got to. So when we moved to a new area, I let him decide everything, for a more peaceful life, but now he was insisting on asking what I thought.

Afterwards we went to check the Gallery café in Old Ford Road, but it was shut, as was the Love Shack at Cambridge Heath, so we got the train back. We started to order something from What The Pitta, but instead just got a bun and coffee from the Hidden Café, sitting in the dark and slight chill of the bonny street.

It had been mild and dry earlier, and I enjoyed the legs on show. My favourites were a pleated micro-skirt on the canal that was flapping about very dangerously, a girl sitting at Cambridge Heath station with crossed legs who’s skirt had ridden up to reveal shapely thighs, a roller skater wearing a short black skirt with bare legs, and a wonderful girl standing on the train from Hackney Central, in a twice-slit grey mini-skirt with over-knee shiny black boots and perfect bare thighs.
In the evening I was on the PC for a while, and we watched Dragon’s Den. I'd had a bath while Jack watched ‘His Dark Materials’.