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2020-11-23 08:49:39 (UTC)

La de da day 😏

So the week starts and my Monday is pretty quiet. I checked my work schedule and it's pretty light this week with one exception. I have the fricking hot phone which means I get all the after-hours Network calls if something breaks. I guess it is what it is. Everyone gets their week in a rotational basis so my number came up this week. It is best effort so if I'm passed out drunk, then oh well. hehe. But I'll take it easy this week and just be a good boy. Well, as good as I can be which is on a different scale so yeah... ok then.

My pork ribs last night was pretty good. I had three slabs and tried three different rubs and had my friends help me judge which ones are better. I still have enough ribs from last night to feed 2 or 3 hungry people. Maybe I'll invite Heidi to help eat the leftovers. Last night was great. Much more enjoyable having real friends over for a bbq in lieu of so-so friends and strangers. I didn't have to pretend and be all Martha-Stewart like. I just said what I felt and did what I wanted. That's what's fun about hanging with friends you've known for a long time. You can even say something accidentally that you didn't mean or phrased wrong and they still know what you meant or if you did mean it, they don't judge you on that one saying because they've known me for so many years already. No "Karens" with my bunch of friends so we never ever get into the stupidity of what some people in society posts on places like FB. In fact, we pretty much all agree on many things. Some things we can't even say in public because we'd get ostracized. But not with my friends, my real friends.

More and more I'm thinking of doing a 3" lift and new rims and tires for my truck. One thing I'm wondering, when did rims become the wrong word and it's now called wheels? When did wheels become tires? So in lieu of rims and tires, it's now called wheels and tires. Ok, I'll conform. Good thing a penis is still calle a penis and a vagina is still called a vagina. But I do understand that having a vagina nowadays don't mean your a woman. And having a penis nowadays don't mean your a man. Well, no I don't really understand it and I won't judge but there will always be a question mark in my mind when it comes to that. I guess the main thing is that when I need to pee, I won't get lost in the translation and will be able to hit the correct restroom when the time comes. 🤪

BTW, the ex wife texted something yesterday. Not relevant to my life so I brushed it off. My mind is more on the truck upgrades I may want to do. I hate when I get this itch but now I'm really looking at getting my wheels and tires upgraded along with the 3" lift. What is it about men that want to do this to their trucks? Seems almost kind of stupid because it's mostly only for looks so why would men (I) want to do this? I feel like "March of the Penguins" doing stuff that seems to be in my DNA. haha.