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Through My Eyes
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2020-11-22 05:04:30 (UTC)

Enjoyable Day!

After church today my god brother came again this week to take me riding. I was so excited to see him again. I couldn’t wait to get in the car, as he drove we talked, reminisced again and stopped at a few places. He also surprised me and drove me to Palos Verdes Cliff where we stood off the cliff watching the beautiful ocean and hills which I absolutely loved. We stayed until the sunset and took lots of pictures, I truly enjoyed myself because I love being near the water and going to beaches. After leaving the cliff he drove us to Sonic Drive-In in the city of Anaheim, we ordered our food, sat in the car, ate and talked some more about old times. We finished eating our food and he drove me home, we said our goodbyes for the night. I really enjoyed my god brother coming to see me again, us eating out and him taking me out to the cliff to see the shoreline today. Since being diagnosed with Epilepsy I haven’t been driving because I don’t want to have any seizures while driving and hurt someone because that would hurt my heart, so as an alternative family has been riding me around the city to my favorite places such as the beaches to get me out the house to cheer me up. I’m extremely grateful for them taking the time to do this for me. After coming home my son surprises me again for the second time with a Rose Globe and yesterday he bought me some flowers. I’m truly grateful!!!