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me and my life
2020-11-23 05:01:04 (UTC)

Another Monday

Today is an another Monday. An another day in a life, a day with nothing to look forward, a day with no joy, no excitement. An another day to cry over, think over, to suffer. Missing v a lot these days. Reading our old chats makes me feel that nothing has change and he is still beside me and soon we will meet. He was the one on to whom I always looked forward for msg, calls, to share everything. His gm would make me happy, his concern on having meals would make me feel that am imp, his gn and love you msg would bring peace and love in me. I knew the time we were spending together was beautiful but I realize how insanely beautiful it was. I want that time back and embrace him and never let him go or make me go.
I don't know what is he upto now. Does he miss me? Does he cry for me like I do, does he long for me? Does he remember small details of us like me? Does he think of trying again at least for once?? Ufff donno. I just feel like writing on and on abtbhim. I start with something else and end up writing about him.
Time when we both spend at home on weekends were so casual we lived and enjoyed each other's company so well. It will be a mystery for forever of why he did so with me. I wish he could have fought for me for us most importantly. I thought of writing a letter to him as a final adieu but I don't want to make a fool, of self of doing so again where he has already eneded. I must applause to him will power or his stubborness.
I miss you baby. Love you still....