Experienced Life
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2020-11-22 13:12:55 (UTC)

Sunday bbq and more slate cleaning 😏

So I bought pork and beef ribs and it's smoking as I type. hehe. But it's with my friends that I know Maybe eight people coming but 3 for sure. Makes it tough to cook because ribs take 6 hrs and extra peeps will make it not enough ribs and it's not like I can toss on another slab on the smoker because it takes 6 hrs to smoke. Then again, if this is my biggest problem in life, I can't really be-atch can I?

Also, my pool table is finally gone. Sad to see if go but it needed to go. Now I actually have room to jump rope indoors. Not sure what I'll use this now empty room for. Maybe some gym stuff. I could buy a folding poker table and this room will be more than enough to take care of business. I do have those metal folding chairs so I'm sure that'll be fine.

So now I'm thinking of getting new wheels and tires for my truck. Don't know why I'm itching to do that now. Even contemplating getting a 3" lift kit...maybe.
These are the wheels I'm eyeballing. I think it'll make my truck look even hotter.

That's all I got for now. Gonna try some jump roping in my now empty ex pool room to help me relax.