I hate it here
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2020-11-22 01:30:00 (UTC)


I gave you everything man. I told you all my secrets. I told you how I felt like I didn't deserve love or food. You were my only outlet. You made me believe that you liked me for more than just my body. That was all bullshit. we broke up three days ago and I haven't eaten since then. You on the other hand are already with a new girl. I deleted all my social media because of you. You knew how bad I was struggling to stay alive but you didn't care. I gave you my body, my heart, my everything. I was used to give you temporary happiness. The sad part is I let so much shit slide with you. You told me your secrets too and I plan on holding on to them. What you chose to do with mine shows the type of person you are. At the end of the day I know I will pick myself back up. I'm just tired of having to.