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2020-11-22 18:21:46 (UTC)

forgiving others

I have a hard time forgiving anyone that hurt me in my life, i am a person that can not move on with an apology from the persons who have harmed me and hurt me, i feel that it is a way for me to move on from what did happen. i want at times revenge for what did occur to me and i want a way for them to feel pain like i felt from them. it is only human to want revenge from someone that made us feel horrible and made us hurt inside.
i am not one that is able to easily move on, and it takes a lot for me to finally forgive anyone that made my life hell.
but the truth is that they don't care that i am hurting and that i am in pain, they have moved on and they do not think of me at all sadly.
they used me and made me feel awful inside and i just can not understand why they did that.
we all have pain and suffering in life but it takes a maybe better person than me to overcome it.
it is human nature to want to make someone else suffer and i do believe in karma and i think that if someone harms you in any way it will come back to them sooner or later on some way, i talked about in a separate entry a few weeks back or so, and it is what makes me feel like i will be okay, they one day will get theirs, it will not be like we want and we may never get an apology but they will have something happen to them, i have seen it myself in my life and others lives that have affected me.