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2020-11-22 14:53:34 (UTC)

Paradigm shift

I am a 22 year old from New Mexico. About two years ago I broke up with someone, for a long time, I wanted to do better than them. I wanted them to do poorly. I wanted to flourish while they toiled. In the past months I have realized that our journeys are not competing with each other, but rather, running parallel to each other. Every human experience is a node in a network of the core state of our being. I wish to tell them that I no longer hold resentment, that I was childish, that I should have been better but I had too much clouding my judgement and that I was immature. I mistreated them and they left. They are better off for having left.

That’s not to say it was bad all the time. Or that we were wrong for each other. I was just so serious and they wanted to live freely and have fun. Our mutual human experience had simply run its course.

I wish to say these things to them but I think it’s better to leave it alone. Which is what inspired me to make this. A place to put the stream of consciousness where it does no harm.

My spirit is not in its natural state and I must get back to it. I must get back to my core person. I must remember who I am and awaken.

Thank you to all who read this,