My thoughts through living.
2020-11-22 09:24:00 (UTC)

Appreciation post

I feel I can help people. And I do. So much, where people are low I bring them up. The reason for this I would love to say if because it brings me some joy to see them happy, but that's not true. Honestly, I'm unsure why. My prediction would be because its easy to do. And if they just talk to me, I solve every problem. To what end will I get any enjoyment from this? I actually enjoy seeing them down, low and depressed. It's correct to be that way, but when its over something they themselves identify as pointless or stupid, I just get a headache from hearing it. Still I understand why they work that was, bring them back and make it all fine again to where they see the right in actions, and to me, they will say "I guess talking helped." An unsatisfactory end to an unsatisfactory story.

What I want them to see is an objective truth. Not in an incel type way where every female must fawn for me because pp. Just a place to see what is really real within people. A way they can predict thoughts without even having to hear them. I'd say I do this and haven't hade to drink rom a fountain or inject wizard juice, only see people, watch people, understand people.

At the end of this, I wouldn't expect them to be happy with the end result. You can see only falsities in falsities in a tower of cracks. From this, I find myself in a constant depression. Knowing people is to have a constant complaint. A conversation is to point out the same idiosyncrasies within man. I only aim to see a spiritual world that I know doesn't exist. Become the best at a game that I have no reason to care for. Once I was a god. Mighty and unquestionable. It was this way because I made it so. No nothing has changed in me but the world has drugged on and on.