Alexie Paculanang
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2020-11-21 23:16:00 (UTC)

Journal 6-7

Today was really tiring because I was working and editing on my part of the project to make it better and had to discuss with members on the task that were challenging for us on dealing. today there was nothing I did but focus on completing the project because some members entered the chat late the project was not even half through done we had to research and revise the work a couple times especially those we don't agree on with time almost there it was almost done after finish our task I had to compile our works to check for additional errors and format it which I am glad that its good. after that it was bittersweet for us to finally complete it.
I thank the Lord always for being there with me even though the project was really challenging and time consuming it was so worth it especially completing it. No matter how difficult it is it can still be accomplish for it is by a team can solve it.