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2020-11-22 16:38:59 (UTC)

Week 6

Well, were here, the end of nstp 1. Although I did not learn a lot because what was in the modules are mostly things we learned already in grade 11 and 12, I still enjoyed the subject. Things like making these journals at first I thought was pointless but are actually helpful in destressing and learning from past mistakes even if It does not seem like it based on what I put in them. Its what comes to mind when when typing these journals, I don't put any personal stuff just academic things I have done but know that I do learn and contemplate about things as I am doing these. With that out of the way, these are the things I have done the past days:
Monday was a rest day so I didn't do any academic things, Tuesday I finished the nstp module 4 explain activity, Wednesday I finished the nstp family disaster plan, Thursday was the hardest day because I finished the enggmath last quiz, the exam, the engage activity of nstp module 4 and the fourth plate of engineering drawing,in Friday I was not able to finish any activity but I made progress in my gmath ativity 7 and saturday was the day I finished the gmath exam aswell as the seventh activty. Today I finished the eight activity of gmath and later tonight I might finish the evaluation of nstp 1.