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2020-11-22 14:39:20 (UTC)

Better to reign in hell.

The beauty about Lucifer and Satan etc is that its all practical and true. In the show he is just as the satanic Bible has said. He is passionate about what he wants, punishes the guilty only. Doesn't rape or steal or murder. If you read the satanic Bible the laws etc they all are logical. They make sense. Holy books are full of metaphors which can be interpretated a thousand ways.

On the contrary...priests are found to be child molesters. Hahahah. There you go try to justify that. A godly man take part in the sins of the flesh...and that is somehow okay with you guys. There are reports of pastors and priests telling women to give them a blow job saying its holy juice. Hahaha. No punishment for them too. Come on you guyssss. Grow some balls and punish them. Priests living lavishly while the common people go hungry. Yeaaa I've read that too. He bought himself some fancy clothes and a new car from all the money which was supposed to be going to the church fund. Gosh how can you all be so blind. You people will fight and protest for every small thing but totally ignore

Your religion can build a beautiful and strong dam. But you ignore one small crack in the structure...and everything will fall apart. Everyone does this. Ignores the bad shit and only praises the good. Idiots.

see you try to control a basic urge and this is what happens. After all humans are animals with instincts. To hunt and kill. But also to protect and serve. You can't just bury away all the so called sins what the Bible says. Its going to backfire sooner or later ..

The serial killers and rapists are all average looking men. With families. Some of them part of the church etc. So tell is this possible. Have you ever seen a serial killer with red horns on his head.

To me nobody is good in this world. Not the highest of your religious people. Nobody. We all sin.